My name is Michelle Blomqvist and I’m the author of Lasting Closet! I’m working as a stylist and photographer on my company Beautygraphy and as I influencer. I’ve been a fashion blogger for many years and I can easily say that I have been a little bit of a shopaholic, until recently. In 2017 i decided that I no longer wanted to be a part of the fast fashion industry. I wanted to adopt more of a slow fashion style and create a more sustainable closet, a lasting closet.

About Lasting closet

When I decided to make this change I also decided to make a blog change, It all started with this blogpost. In 2018 I started this blog where you will get to follow my journey to a lasting and sustainable style. I will write my best tips and trix for a sustainable style and share outfit pictures of my own scandinavian and minimalistic style. But I also want to tell you all about the bumps in the road. Hopefully, I will inspire you for a more sustainable style.

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