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Fall is definitely the favorite fashion season for many people (for me too). It’s also the season where we want to renew our closets and buy a lot of new clothes. I used buy so much clothes every year and the best thing I knew was to get the new Fall Fashion Catalogues and watching new collections in web shops. I still do this but, I used to buy almost everything that I thought was pretty, now I’ve started to love what I already have and I look most forward to take out my box of old fall clothes in my closet. Ofc I still want to buy new things but I only buy new things that I believe I will pick up next year and love to hang into my closet again.

I wanted to share some fall outfits from years back to this fall to show you how I’ve used some pieces outfit after outfit, year after year in new combinations. I hope this post can inspire you to have an extra look at what you already have in your closet and just update the looks maybe with some new favorite pieces this fall. <3

Conductor hat

All black

Cozy knits

Biker Jacket

Blazers / Suits

Flower dress

Grey coat

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