It’s finally time for a new 10×10 challenge! It’s end of August and here in Finland you can really feel fall in the air so it’s the perfect timing for a fall 2019 10×10 challenge!

10×10 challenge

The 10×10 challenge was founded by the blogger Stylebee and it’s a closet challenge where you pick out 10 pieces that you  style in 10 different outfits in the next 10 days. I just love this challenge since it get’s you more inspired to work in different ways with your personal style and I always come up with new outfit combinations that I’ve never thought of before. Have you ever tried this challenge? 🙂

My fall 2019 10×10 pieces

As usual when I do a 10×10 challenge is start by selecting 10 items from my closet. This time I counted in shoes in my 10 items and what I chose was:

  1. Brown Biker Jacket
  2. Flower dress
  3. Off-white blouse
  4. Black pointy-toe boots
  5. White T-shirt
  6. Black vintage look Levis jeans
  7. Brown suede boots
  8. Long cardigan
  9. Light blue Levis 501 Jeans
  10. Black Biker jacket

My fall 2019 10×10 outfits

All of the outfits ended up having a casual vibe which I love for fall. I’m also so happy with the looks where I have the flower dress since I haven’t felt like wearing this dress at all during summer.

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