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Multifunctional fashion

E/S Design makes clothes that can be worn in multiple ways = multifunctional fashion. With multifunctional fashion you can adapt the clothes by occasion, and with one piece you should be able to get many different looks or uses. For Elin, the founder of the brand, It’s important that her clothes fits the costumers and not the other way around. She strives to design clothes that can be adopted by body type, personality and occasion. This is something that I absolutely love about her brand.

I’m Wearing the Cassandra blouse (link here) in the picture

Slow fashion

The opposite to fast fashion is slow fashion and E/S Design is truly a slow fashion brand. All products are handmade in Finland with the idea to create something timeless that will last. Most products are produced after costumers request so that they can be adjusted by the costumers own measurements and you get to choose the skirt length without an additional fee.

1 dress 8 different ways

When we got married I wanted my bridesmaids dresses to go well together but most important I wanted my bridesmaids to have dresses that they liked, that fit both their bodies and their personality. Elin had just started her webshop (I think it was maybe the same month) that we ordered our bridesmaids dresses and they ended up looking soo good!

Picture from our Wedding day by Cindy Ekman Björkskog. Bridesmaids wearing the Nicolie Maxi Dress

Cassandra Blouse

My personal Favorite from E/S Design is the Cassandra blouse. I’v worn it so much, both to parties, weddings and work. I always have trouble finding blouses that are fitted in the waist and big enough for my shoulders but with this one there’s no problem. That’s probably my favorite thing about products from E/S design, that they are so adjustable to your body shape!


Have you tried anything from E/S Design? I would loooove to hear all about what you think about the multifunctional concept and your thoughts about the products and the brand! 🙂


If you want to see all the different ways that the products can be worn go to E/S Design.

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