You know how you always imagine that summer vacation will be so great and relaxing? But then as soon as you get vacation you realize that it’s not that easy at all to relax. This is something that always used to happen to me, especially if I had a shorter vacation, then my thoughts would always be on that I have to relax because it will soon be over and on the same time I had a long list of things that I wanted to do before I had to go back to work or school.

This summer I’ve had my first 4 weeks vacation ever. I was a little bit nervous before I started my vacation (how crazy is that? That you can be nervous for your vacation?!?!) but I’ve been super at enjoying life true the whole vacation! If there’s anyone else out there having a hard time enjoying you vacation I wanted to share with you some tips that have helped me!

1. Go swimming in the nature. This is what summer was all about for me growing up. I used to go swimming 1-3 times a day when I was a kid. So this is still something that gives me that feeling of summer and vacation. I don’t do it 3 times a day though but at least a couple of times every summer.

2. Read or listen to books. I love reading/listening to crime novels in the summer. Books I’ve gone through so far this summer are: En bur av guld by Camilla Läckberg, The Latte Factor by John David Mann & Skamvrån by Sofie Sarenbrandt.

3. Stay out until midnight. Seeing nature by night is something magical. The sounds, smells and colors are so different from in daytime. Where I live you always have a great chance of spotting wild animals too if you stay out late.

4. Go on a trip. In the beginning of my vacation I always want to go somewhere. It can be just going out camping to a beach near by, what I need sometimes is just that change of environment to get me out of my everyday habits.

5. Go hiking. Spending time in nature always makes me calm and feel grounded. This summer we have been hiking in Koli and Leppävirta and we have planned on walking Utterleden which is a local hikingtrail on 52km.

6. Have coffee out in the nature. How can everything taste so much better out in the nature? Anyway, coffee outside by yourself or with a friend always puts me in a good mood.

7. Go touristing in your hometown/village (staycation). This is something I had never done before but that I’ve actually realised I love doing. Last year I took pictures for a local inspiration magazine and while doing that it really opened my eyes for my hometown and this summer I actually did a staycation with my friends Sandra and Julia in a collaboration with the local hotel Epoque.

8. Try a new hobby or activity. A couple of weeks ago we went to try out the Valhalla Obstacle course which was so much fun! What I still would like to do is try out tennis!

9. Do nothing. This can actually be so hard! But just try with not setting any alarms in the mornings. Sleep until noon if you want. Chill outside, have a nap in the middle of the day, go offline, just be.

10. Go out to the summer house. So in Finland we are all about our Summer houses. We usually visit my husbands familys summer house where there is no electricity or running water. Going there having to do everything the hard way is in some strange way relaxing haha. If you don’t have a summer house or don’t know anyone with a summer house maybe you could go camping instead?

These are a few things that bring me that vacation mode during summer. What do you love doing to relax in summertime?

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  1. Vilka fina tips ! Jag älskar precis som du att bara hänga på villan! Och ska definitivt försöka ta en extra lång morgonstund ute i naturen med en god kopp kaffe snart , låter så härligt!

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