Recipe of a homemade ice tea with apricot, lemon and mint.Home made ice tea 

My favorite drink during summer is definitely ice tea. But I’ve had a hard time finding ice tea without lots of sugar and other bad things in it that’s also not too expensive, so last summer I tried to make a homemade one. I actually loved the ice tea that I ended up with so I wanted so share It with you as well!

recipe homemade ice tea

Start by making I kettle with your choice of tea (I’m using a apricot and green tea). When the water is warm you can add honey if you want to make it sweeter. I usually add 2 spoons in one kettle.

making ice tea


When the tea is ready I leave it to cool down and when it’s cold I pour it into a jug with some lemon and mint.

Apricot Lemon and mint ice tea

I leave the jug in the fridge and then just add some ice in our glasses when we drink it. So simple but so deliciois! Enjoy!

homemade ice tea

Ingredients for ice tea: Tea, Honey, Water, Lemon, Mint & ice.

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