Welcome to our scandinavian boho home

I always post a lot of pictures from our home on instagram but realized that I have never posted anything here on the blog. So here comes a small tour of our home! 🙂

I’m not really sure of what to call our interior style but I think it’s a combination of scandinavian and boho style. We like having a calm home with neutral colors like white, brown and beige with lots of greenery.

My philosophy is that everything in our home should have a purpose. I don’t like buying things to just decorate with them, there should always be a meaning with the things that we have in our home. The purpose can be something practical but It can also be about a feeling. I love having things in our home that are gifts from friends and families or things that we have found on our trips.

Floor plan and the renovation

Our home is divided into two floors. Downstairs we have our kitchen and living room and upstairs we have our bedroom, home office and bathroom. We bought our home almost five years ago and then we renovated the bedroom and livingroom before we moved in. The other rooms have been renovated gradually when we’ve had the money, inspiration and strength to do it!


The living room is the most cozy room in our home. Here we have chosen a beige/grey chalk paint for the walls and we also have wooden flors which makes it warm and cozy. Our sofa is the most expensive piece in our home I think. Really love it and I’m looking forward to see how It will age!


Last summer we renovated our kitchen. It’s quite small so we really wanted to make it feel airy and still practical with lots of space. We choose a black color on the cabinets and then white and grey walls with oak details. We found our kitchen table and the chairs second hand. We got the table for free and I bought the chairs for 5€!!!!!!


On the bottom floor we have wooden floor and then we have a white staircase that lead up the the second floor where we have white floor. In the hallways we have our beautiful Pentik cabinet that I absolutely looove. Upstairs It’s white and more simple.


Our bedroom is all white and then we have beige and wooden details. It’s quite small but have a cozy feeling to it! 🙂


This is our home office! I have half the room and then my hubby have the other half haha. This room is still in a progress trying to make it work more practical for us. This room is also on the second floor so we have the same white floor and walls as in the bedroom and hallway. Really love that we can sit together working beside each other! 🙂

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