Sustainability is today one of our biggest topics. Every day I see lots about sustainability on Instagram, Facebook, different newspapers and so on. Suddenly almost all influencers are talking about sustainable fashion and politicians wants to save our planet.

I think it’s great that we’re now talking more than ever about sustainability. But at the same time I think it’s super important to remember a few things:

  1. This is a trending topic, people and businesses will try to take advantege of that. Have you ever heard about the word greenwashing? Greenwashing is when companies market their products or brand as environmentally friendly when they’re not. Greenwashing is something that can really make me crazy. Companies that don’t pay fair wages to their workers still try to label themselves as sustainable because they now use 5% less water when creating their jeans than they did before. This will though bring me to the other points.
  2. Sustainability is not black & white. Sustainability is a term that includes so many different things, it’s what’s called an umbrella term. Sustainability means ecological, ethical, fair, slow living/slow fashion and so on.
  3. Since the word sustainability means so many different things you can be more sustainable in so many ways! You don’t have to do everything sustainable as long as we all do something! This is why I think it’s great that so many influencers, companies and politicians are being more sustainable but I think It’s important to be honest, to show it for what it is and not for something it’s not.
  4. We need to stop shaming companies and people for not doing enough. It’s so hard, almost impossible to be 100% sustainable today. We are so judgemental to others and it’s important to remember that some people just have enough worries in their life, sometimes we can’t do everything. It’s also super hard for especially small companies today to find material and fabric that are 100% sustainable because they buy so small amounts.
  5. Sustainable trends have consequences. What would happen to all farmers if everybody went vegan overnight?
  6. A sustainable world wont happen just like that. If everybody stopped using plastic bags and stopped eating meat today we would still not have a sustainable world tomorrow. We have to work together, both people and companies. We have to do some sacrificing, realize some hard truths, think creative and at the same time go back a few steps.
  7. Last but not least. Keep on inspiring to a more sustainable world and do your thing that feels most important for you!

What are your thoughts about this subject?

Posted by:Michelle Blomqvist

3 replies on “Sustainability in social media

  1. I think it’s important to try to not make a liftstsyle out of sustainability. Not make it a trend. Because Al trend is fading and lifestyles goes in and out of fashion. On Instagram it often looks like you need to have a stainless strel waterbottle and zerowaste grocery bags. But there is so many ways to be (more) sustainable and most of them don’t photograph well 😂.

  2. I think businesses will always try to exploit trends to drive revenue. Look at the food industry. The moment a new diet is all the rage you see branding all over the place claiming to be said diet friendly.

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