I’ve now been on this journey creating a Lasting Closet for a couple of years. My biggest focus has so far been on buying less clothes and making them last longer. I’m no longer doing spontaneous shopping and I’ve become really thoughtful about what I need and what I don’t. I always think twice before buying and I’m really happy about my closet now when It’s less in it but It still works really well for me and my everyday life.

This year I want to continue my journey to a more sustainable style and I really want to focus more on supporting ethical and sustainable brands. There are so many brands out there doing the extra effort making their clothes more sustainable and I really want to spend my money supporting those brands.

Why I want to choose sustainable brands

For me It’s always been about the quality and handcraft behind clothes. I have always loved natural materials, beautiful details and good tailoring. But good quality and luxurious materials means nothing if we don’t look at the bigger picture. A beautiful jacket is no longer beautiful if the garment worker who made it live in poorness, risking his or her life in unsafe factories making it. And those gorgeous jeans with a “lived in” look are no longer so gorgeous when you think about all the heavy metals in the rivers near dying and finishing facilities for denim products in Asia.

So my goal fot this year is that every new item that I bring into my closet should be from an ethical or sustainable brand, that in one or another way are trying to make the fashion industry more sustainable. I’m so excited about this challenge and hopefully I will get some new favorite brands and learn more about sustainable production. If you have any tips or recommendations of favorite ethical and sustainable brands feel free to leave a comment! 🙂

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