It’s super common that people feel that they have nothing to wear even though their closet is completely full (trust me, I’ve been there). Cleaning out unnecessary garments will not only give you more space in your closet but it will also make it easier for you to find good combinations with pieces you already have there.

1. Clean out your closet

First of all, take out everything in your closet (yes, everything). Begin to divide all your garments into three different piles: save, maybe, and recycle.


  • Garments that you feel good in
  • Garments that fit you and your lifestyle
  • Garments that you love wearing
  • Garments that go well together will other pieces in your closet


  • Garments that you are tired of right now
  • Garments that you don’t have use for right now
  • Garments that needs fixing
  • Garments that doesn’t fit you but can be done something about
  • Garments with emotional value


  • Garments that are the wrong size and don’t fit you (and can’t be made the right size)
  • Garments you don’t feel good in
  • Outworn pieces
  • Garments you never use
  • Garments that don’t go with your style

The garments that you choose to save will be the start of your new lasting closet. It’s a good idea to find a few boxes to pack garments from the maybe pile in for later. Garments that you are tired of right now might feel new and inspiring when you open the box later. And if they don’t then it’s time to search for new homes for them.

Garments that are broken or that needs adjusting should be fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise they will just get old and you will probably even fortget that you have them. If you’re good at sewing book a day in your calendar for fixing items that needs fixing but If it’s not your strongest side just take it to a good seamstress. 

Sell it, swap it or recycle it

It’s important that you don’t just throw away garments that you no longer use. Instead you should try to give them a new life. This takes a little bit more time than just throwing them away, but on the other hand it will make you think twice before buying something new.

If the garment is in good condition, selling or swapping is a good idea. Sell ​​the garment yourself in a second hand store, give it away to friends / family, host a clothing swap or donate to charity. If the garments are worn up, recycling is the best option.

Plan your new lasting closet:

Now when you have all the cleaning done. Take a look at the garments now left in your closet. Do they all have something in common? Is there any special model, style or color on those garments? Write it down on your phone and take pictures, this will help you find other things you love and that goes well with things you already own when you are shopping.

Also take one last look a the garments you don’t want to save. Do they also have something in common? Do you seem to buy the same kind of clothes all the time, is there any special color you only bought because it was trendy, do you have many items that are too big / small? Write down your shopping mistakes to avoid falling into the same trap again.

Is there something you need to complete your closet? Does your closet suit your lifestyle or would you need to get more outdoors clothes for example? Do you have all the basics you need for good combination options? Also write a shopping list of things you feel are missing in your closet.

Are you ready to start cleaning your closet?

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