The #10x10challenge

In October I joined the #10x10challenge that was created by fashion blogger Style bee. The challenge is to pick out 10 pieces from your closet and then only wear those 10 pieces for 10 days. The challenge really made me find new combinations with pieces in my closet and I really loved the outfits I ended up wearing for 10 days. 🙂

I think this challenge can be a really fun way to think about our closet and the way we use clothes we already have. Some people include accessories and outerwear in the challenge and some don’t but don’t give up the challenge because you need to wear an other pair of shoes because your shoes are killing you on day 5. I chose not to include shoes and accessories in my first challenge just to make it a little easier for myself but in the next round I think I will try to include them.

Here’s my guide how to pick out pieces for your 10x10challenge:

  1. Pick out 3 pieces you’re really looking forward to wearing under the next 10 days.
  2. Do you have your 3 golden pieces? Time to pick out the rest. Think about keeping a solid color theme. My color choice in the fall challenge was yellow, grey, dark blue, white and black. I prefer not wearing that much color in my outfits but I love having one pop of color to get it more interesting. It doesn’t have to be grey, black and white for everybody but it have to be colors that all go well together, this is to give you as many outfit combinations as possible.
  3. Now with your 10 pieces think of at least 7 different outfits that you can create. You will probably get some ideas for the rest of your outfits under the challenge.
  4. Don’t forget to take pictures of all your 10 outfits. During this challenge I got so much inspiration from others who had joined the challenge and shared their outfits on instagram under the hashtag #10x10challenge. Taking pictures of your outfits and then saving them in a outfit album on your phone is also a great way to give yourself outfits ideas later.

My 10 outfits during the #10x10challenge

As my 10 pieces I chose a grey suit, white T-shirt, a black cashmere roller neck, black jeans, flower dress, jeans dungaree, a yellow sweater and a grey coat. At first I had a white shirt also but I had to change it to the coat that I forgot haha.

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