How to shop sustainable.

Ok, I should really write how to shop more sustainable. The most sustainable thing would be to not shop anything new at all. But on the other hand, I really love clothes (always have and always will) and we all need to wear something. So what I’m really trying to do is to shop less and in a more sustainable way.

Before buying, first ask yourself these three questions:

1. So the first thing when buying something new is to really ask yourself: Do a need it? If I find something really pretty in a store I try to never buy it directly. Instead I write it down on a shoppinglist and after a couple of weeks If I still feel like it’s a good idea then I can buy it. This is the perfect way to stop bad spontaneous purchases.

2. Can I find it second hand? So the best thing is if you can buy clothes second hand to repurpose pre-worn clothes.

3. And the third question: Could I borrow it from a friend instead of buying? I love swapping clothes with friends. You have probably heard it before, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure!

Brands that offer a more sustainable choice.

I get a lot of questions about sustainable brands and where to purchase them so here I’ve collected 9 brands and designers that will give you a more sustainable choice when you are buying something new. 🙂 I Would also love it if you could comment your favorite sustainable brands so that I can make a longer list!



Based in: USA

Etchics: Sustainable fabrics, rescued deadstock fabrics, and repurposed vintage clothing. Wants to create effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure.


Everlane – Apparel, accessories, shoes

Based in: USA

Ethics: Ethical production process and a radical transparency.


People Tree – Sustainable and fair trade fashion

Based in: UK

Ethics: A pioneer in ethical and sustainable fashion.


Aiayu – Woman’s Wear

Based in: Denmark

Ethics: They believe that a product’s origins, sustainable production and environmental impact are of equal importance as its aesthetic.


Naja – Lingerie

Ethics: Stands for job creation, fair wages, eco-friendly materials and processes.


e/s design – Women’s wear

Based in: Finland

Etchics: Slow fashion with multifunctional clothes.


Filippa K – Men´s and women´s clothing, shoes and accessories

Based in: Stockholm, Sweden

Ethics: Uses sustainable materials & have transparency.


SiiZU – Women’s sweaters, dresses & tops

Based in: New York, USA

Ethics: Uses organic, sustainably grown fabrics. Partner with American forests.


ARMEDANGELS – Women’s, men’s and kids’ fashion

Based in: Germany

Ethics: Fairtrade. Working with Fair wear foundation and organic fabrics.

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