The Cropped Wide leg pants

One of the biggest trends right now are the cropped wide leg pants. These are also one of my favorite pants to wear and they are a part of my Capsule Wardrobe. The really good thing is that you can wear them both casual and more updressed.

How to style the Cropped Wide leg pants

  • Find your perfect cropped length. This is so important, not too short and not too long. I think about 15-20cm from your ankles is a good length on the cropped trousers. If they’re too long it will look like they are a normal pair of pants that are too short and if they are too short, well then they turn into shorts.
  • Less volume on your top. Try to not use oversized pieces on your top when styling wide leg pants. It can look really nice but It can also make you look bigger or like you’re wearing too big clothes.
  • The right shoes. Soo important! I feel that wide leg pants needs different shoes than “normal” pants and jeans needs. A good thing to think about when choosing shoes for cropped wide leg pants is that they should give you some length and look a little bit edgy. I love sneakers, sandals, pointy toe boots and pointy toe loafers and ballerinas with my wide leg pants.
  • Choose good quality. The cropped wide leg pants needs a good quality fabric to get a good fall. Before buying also try on many different models to make sure you will love the fit on them. Think about the lasting closet, you don’t want to wear them just once or twice.
  • Be playful. The wide leg pants really gives a new silhouette from the skinny jeans and a new silhouette also requires different styling. Try something you wouldn’t normally choose, be playful and have fun while trying this new style! 🙂

This is how I like to style the cropped Wide leg pants

Posted by:Michelle Blomqvist


  1. Hej, detta har inget med inlägget att göra men behöver akut stil hjälp. Ska på bröllop idag och börjar tveka på min outfit så min fråga är får man ha svart på vinterbröllop? Elr borde jag ta mörkblått och får man då ha bara axlar i kyrkan? 🙄

    1. Hejsan!
      Enligt etikettregler ska man inte bära svart på bröllop eftersom färgen svart symboliserar sorg men idag så har etikettreglerna blivit lösare så svart bärs nog på bröllop. Tycker att man ska funderar på brudparet, är dom väldigt etikett trogna? De flesta moderna brudpar idag tror jag nog att tycker att det är okej med svart på bröllop! 🙂 Ha en fin bröllopsfest!

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