In the pictures you see me making a hairdo on a customer

As you readers probably know by now I have my own studio Beautygraphy here in Jakobstad. Beautygraphy is really my little baby and I absolutely love my job. But I have to admit, even if I love my job It gets hard sometimes being a young entrepreneur. At times I start doubting myself but then my lovely customers and followers on Instagram always lift me up again with their beautiful comments. Now I also have amazing Hannah and Julia that are trainees from business and stylist school with me at the studio. So nice to have someone working with me everyday and we really have the most fun discussions going on everyday. Last Friday Hannah and Julia had a dance/rap performance while cleaning the studio, definitely the highlight of last week haha.

We also decorated the studio with some greenery last week. I really love to decorate with green plants, makes the room look so fresh and you get so happy looking at them! Hannah and Julia took some photos in the studio after we had decorated it, really love the green in the pictures! 🙂


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